How to Make Your Child’s Memory Sharp: 9 Effective Techniques


Last Updated on December 11, 2020

© pixabay Our memory involves a series of highly complex and fascinating processes that define us as human beings. Unlike what many people think, it is a skill that can be worked on and improved as long as you are willing to make an effort. Just like you can practice any hard or labor skills. In that sense, there is nothing better than to start working on your memory capacity early on. So, if you are a parent, you should know that there are some specific ways to improve your children’s memory and concentration, making learning and memorizing things much easier and helping them perform better in all aspects of their lives. Nine ways to increase the brainpower of a child!

1. Memory games

The so-called memory games are designed to make us think, focus, and process and recall information in a fun and engaging way. They are a brilliant way to exercise a child’s brain and improve memory, which is probably why they are so popular. Games that use visual memory, like What’s missing? or Concentration, are especially useful among children because they work the ability to recall images that have just been viewed. It’s an amazing technique to train the memory muscle and avoid short-term memory problems in a child. Besides, they are games… and games are fun!

2. Don’t put too much pressure on them

Putting too much pressure on children and forcing them to study or perform cognitive tasks will do more harm than good. The human brain won’t be receptive to process information and store it correctly when tired or under a great amount of stress. This is why it is necessary to take regular breaks and, more importantly, to create a positive, exciting environment and enjoyable rituals around the learning process. You don’t want your children to think of the learning process as a stressful moment.

3. Active and healthy lifestyle

Children are usually very energetic and are always running around playing, which is enough to consider that they live an active lifestyle. It’s important to nurture this active spirit from an early age and encourage them to play team sports. Besides helping children in their cognitive development, the latter will also teach them essential values for society. Nutrition is also a key part of a healthy lifestyle. Fatty fish, broccoli, eggs, and dark chocolate are considered foods that improve memory, so you should consider that when feeding your children. In short, it’s fair to say that you can’t have a healthy brain and a healthy memory without a healthy lifestyle.


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