8 Unique Drinks That Are Too Good For Your Health


Last Updated on February 26, 2021

Interested in improving your health? You have to leave your comfort zone and start drinking a few unique drinks that you probably never expected to pour down your body. But all you need to do is believe and start juicing up for better health and a stronger body. Keep in mind that not all of these drinks are the best when it comes to taste, but depending on your unique taste buds, you might end up falling in love and adopting those beverages as your new wine.  Keep on reading to meet eight of your new favorite, unique drinks! 

1. Birch Water

Yes, birch water! We told you they are unique drinks.  Birch water is low in calories and sugar, and it’s tasty. In fact, birch water is considered the better alternative to soda. This water is also packed with manganese, which is what you need for bone development. The more you drink birch water, the nicer and stronger your bones will be as you age.

2. Pickle juice

It’s one of the two: you either don’t like pickles or are obsessed with them. In both cases, you have to get on board and start drinking it to witness great results. Pickle juice is the same juice preserving your pickles, and it’s packed with nutrition. According to a study, this unique juice can reduce muscle cramps and regulate sugar levels due to the high vinegar content.

3. Cloves in tea

You may consider adding cinnamon, lemon, or even ginger to your cup of tea, but cloves?  Well, this spice adds a great taste and nutritional boost to beverages. Only one teaspoon provides 55% of your daily need for manganese, and 2% of your daily need in vitamin K. Cloves are also high in antioxidants that can help protect against red blood cell damage. This is what makes this unique drink a must-have drink! 

4. Pu’er tea

Pu’er tea is a Chinese tea that is made with fermented leaves, making it a unique drink that stands out from all other kinds of tea, and that also means it has other health advantages that your body will appreciate.


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