Breast Shrinking? 5 Things Your Breasts Say About Your Health

breast shrinking

Last Updated on February 23, 2021

Do you ever pause your busy, hectic, or even sedentary life for a bit to check your breasts? You should start doing that more often!  Your breasts can tell you so much about your health if you just take a look at them — for example, you can tell if you’ve gained weight or lost weight from the look of your breasts (breast shrinking, etc). Sometimes it can be something as simple as that, and other times, it could be a serious health condition that needs your attention, or more accurately, your doctor’s. Alright, let’s see what your breasts are trying to tell you these days! Read the entire thing if you care about your health.

1. Your breasts are shrinking

Oh no, do your breasts suddenly look and feel smaller? Don’t worry; you’re not losing them forever because they’re probably just telling you that you’re shedding some pounds. Your breasts are made of fatty tissues (all breasts are!), and just like you lose fat from other parts of your body, your breasts lose their cup size, too. If your goal is to lose weight, then pat yourself on the back because your tough workout is paying off! Or, your shrinking breasts could mean that your cycle is drawing near, and your hormones are relaxing.  Warning: if you notice that only one of your breasts is changing size, it could indicate a more serious health problem such as an overactive thyroid or breast cancer, so check out with your doctor immediately.

2. Your breasts are growing

If your breasts are growing in size, it means you’re gaining weight, and that is great news for you if you’ve been struggling to gain some pounds.  But again, if you keep focusing on the size of your breasts, you might miss the changes on the rest of your body, those love handles, and that double chin that is staring up at you! So, it means that you should start exercising more and keeping track of your diet. Other causes of breasts becoming bigger could be PMS, a new birth control, or pregnancy (don’t freak out just yet!). Hormonal changes can trigger breast tissue and cause our breasts to grow in size, so there is nothing to worry about unless only one of your breasts is changing.


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