15 Everyday Household Items That Could Be Causing You Cancer


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The pressures of modern life become unbearable sometimes, and after a spending a long day at work or school, you just want to go home and relax on your couch and play with your smartphone for the rest of the day.

However, what you are probably not aware of is that your house may be killing you slowly. In this article, we will introduce you to some everyday items that may be causing you cancer.

Keep in mind that studies still need to be conducted concerning some of the items on our list. However, until we get some conclusive results, you may want to be careful with these items; especially that they may be a part of your daily routine.

Also, keep in mind that it is not our purpose to freak you out, we just want you to be aware of some facts that you won’t hear in promotional ads and commercials.

#1 – Tap Water

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Some of the news spreading across the nation would make you start thinking seriously about getting a water filtration system or drink distilled water. It is suggested that 12,594 cases of cancer in the US may be caused by nitrate pollution.

These are natural compounds yielded when oxygen or ozone are combined with nitrogen, which can make their way into drinking water through malfunctions in septic or sewage tanks, fertilized soil as well as water treatment plants.

According to the EPA, too much nitrates consumption is dangerous for babies and pregnant women, that’s why it is preferred to get a reliable water bottle or a water filter.

#2 – Carpets


It may come as a surprise to you to hear that your carpet and rug can cause you cancer, but it is true. According to the EPA, your carpet installation may include chemicals that originate from treated synthetic fibers. These chemicals can literally release gas into your home.

Furthermore, it has been found that some carpet companies in the US include toxic substances that are associated with hormone disruption, cancer, respiratory disorders as well as many health issues for children.

That’s why you may want to start thinking about getting expensive or cheap flooring instead of potentially toxic carpets.

#3 – Crib And Bed Mattresses


We bet you never thought that when you search for the best delivery mattresses and order mattresses online, you are putting yourself at risk of cancer. After reading about what could be lurking in your mattress, you may not sleep as comfortably as before.

In order to make mattresses flame retardant, manufacturers add toxic flame retardant chemicals to them. This could be putting young children and pregnant women at a big risk; especially that it is not healthy for them to be exposed to organohalogen flame retardants.

Also, don’t think that by purchasing an organic mattress, you are avoiding the problem. Flame retardants are added in conformity with a 2007 regulation.

#4 – Cotton Pillowcases And Sheets


When you hit that search bar and look for the best cotton sheets or just the best bed sheets, you feel excitement flowing through your body; but little do you know about the risks that these ‘best sheets’ are putting you at.

Experts state that cotton is one of the most pesticide-ridden and dirtiest materials in the world. Therefore, cotton pillowcases and sheets can lead to several health issues such as asthma, headaches, as well as cancer. That is why it is recommended that you purchase reliable organic cotton products.

#5 – Dryer Sheets And Fabric Softeners

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When you are using a laundry detergent with fabric softener or just a fabric softener, you could be cleaning your clothes but harming your body. This is the shocking part, dryer sheets and conventional fabric softeners may contain toxic chemicals.

Among these chemicals, we find limonene (a known carcinogen), a nervous system disorder-causing chemical called ethanol, benzyl acetate (associated with pancreatic cancer symptoms), and benzyl alcohol (upper respiratory tract irritant).

Thus, next time you are trying to get the softest sheets out of your laundry machine, try to use reliable products that can put you at fewer risks.

#6 – Cosmetics

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When you visit top beauty supply stores looking for the best foundation or lip gloss, have you ever stopped and asked yourself what the components of these products are.

According to research, it is reported that some of the chemicals that are included in beauty products may be linked to cancer.

For instance, many foundation companies add ‘parabens’ to their products. And although they can prevent bacteria from developing in the foundation, they can also act as endocrine disruptors, which can lead to tumor growth.

#7 – Air Freshener


The shocking thing about some office fresheners and home deodorizers is that these are things that we breathe regularly in a closed area.

And it has been reported that some of these products may contain hazardous ingredients such as formaldehyde, phthalates and many other harmful ingredients that are known carcinogens. When we talk about phthalates, we are talking about chemicals that could be disruptive to the endocrine system.

And although researchers are still not conclusive about their harmful effects on humans, they have been proven harmful when experienced on animals.

#8 – Scented Candles


Some people get excited when they look at a scented candles logo, and can already imagine themselves having a bath surrounded by all kinds of home scents.

However, what these people may not be aware of is that while there are resting and taking deep breaths, they could be breathing dangerous toxins. This was confirmed by a survey that showed how some scented consumer goods contained dangerous compounds that are even classified as toxic by federal laws. So next time, try to find the mood without any candles.

#9 – Baby Bottles And Plastic Water Bottles


Your children are one of the most important parts of your life, and you would do anything you can to protect them. That’s why it may come as a shock to you that some of the baby bottles and plastic water bottles you are using may contain hazardous substances.

It has been suggested that some types of plastic products may contain BPA (bisphenol A), which may cause cancer and other health problems in your body; which could be serious considering how sensitive babies’ bodies are.

#10 – Your Dry Cleaned Clothes


You may want to sit down for this one: dry cleaned clothes are not as clean as you think. Research suggests that dry cleaning can be carcinogenic and toxic. That is because it includes a chemical called PERC or perchloroethylene.

Moreover, you should be aware that dry cleaning doesn’t really mean not using any liquids. Some dry cleaners use a liquid solvent to get rid of the grime and stains on your clothes.

And products such as PERC, which is famous among dry cleaners, can lead to all sorts of problems including environmental issues, as well as being a carcinogen and a neurotoxin.

#11 – Couch And Loveseat

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In 1975 it was required by law that furniture manufacturers must add flame retardants to their products in order to protect them from burning in flames.

However, although your couch will most probably not catch fire, it will find a way to harm you through the chemicals it was treated with. This can lead to some health issues including neurotoxic effects and endocrine disruption. So make sure you run enough research on your couch and sofa before purchase.

#12 – Granite Countertops


Granite countertops may impress you with their beautiful looks and durability; however, we bet you have never imagined that your countertops can give off gas.

Yes, it is true, these counterparts give off radon gas, and sometimes the amount of the radon released may exceed what is considered safe. Even worse, this kind of gas is radioactive and you would not be able to taste, smell or see it when it is in the atmosphere.

#13 – Nail Polish


If you are one of the people who like to paint their nails, this part is definitely for you. What you need to keep in mind is that some chemicals that you would commonly find in nail polish and nail products may promote the formation of cancer.

A nail-hardening agent dubbed ‘formaldehyde’ can raise cancer risks, and it is a common ingredient in many nail polishes. The health issues risks may also come from one of the main ingredients in acrylic nails (ethyl methacrylate) and butyl acetate; and the risks may double for people who consume food without a fork or spoon.

#14 – Plastic-Wrapped Processed Food


Well, we believe that by this point, unless you are living in a cave, you know that processed food can cause many health issues. Have you ever asked yourself how can some of the food in your kitchen last for 3 to 6 months? Well, it is because this food is far from being natural.

The components of processed food lead to all kinds of health disorders; especially for processed food junkies. These health issues include cancer and cardiovascular, coronary heart disease. So make sure you keep it natural.

#15 – Paint


Who can resist the smell of a freshly painted house? We think it would be you after reading this part. Even though the smell is pleasurous for us, house paint may contain volatile organic compounds, which are suggested to be causes of cancer.

The most shocking part is that the paint never ceases to release low levels of these harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. That is why it is recommended that you use water-based paints instead of solvent-based paints.



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