5 Home Remedies With Coffee That Will Leave You Feeling Beautiful!


Last Updated on January 28, 2021

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Most of us can’t live without coffee. It’s tasty, it can be consumed in many different ways, mixed with milk, water, it can be served hot or cold, and ultimately it keeps us awake on through mornings.

It’s fair to say that we can be addicted to it, but what if there were hidden benefits of coffee you didn’t know about?

When it comes to cosmetics and beauty, coffee is a very underestimated ingredient.

Yes, caffeine intake has benefits, but aren’t you curious about other uses of coffee that are related to having beautiful skin?

If so, stick around to discover some of these coffee-based natural remedies for your body!

1. Lip Scrub

Lips, Lips, Lips. There’s nothing more attractive than nourished pink lips.

Did you know that when someone’s attracted to you, they tend to look at your lips instead of your eyes sometimes? This means they’re thinking about kissing you and are deeply attracted to you, so maybe it’s a good idea to keep those lips looking good.

A coffee lip scrub is an excellent way on how to exfoliate your lips, all you need is two ingredients: 2 teaspoons of olive oil (you can use any other oil of your preference) and 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds.

Mix these two ingredients and then apply it to your lips with your finger. Make sure to scrub it in circular motions so you can stimulate blood flow on your lips, making them appear fuller and reddish. After doing this for about 2 minutes, wash it off, and apply any moisturizing balm.

You should use your moisturizing balm every day. As for the lip scrub, 3 times per week is enough!

2. Shampoo

Is your current shampoo doing nothing for you and your hair? No worries, with this special coffee shampoo your hair will feel as nurtured and strong as it would if using a high brand shampoo, or maybe even more.

So, what are the benefits of coffee for hair? Well, coffee is known to contain a lot of properties that not only stimulate blood circulation on our head, but it also removes dead skin cells and prevents hair loss. So overall, it gives you stronger hair and provides scalp care.

It can also be used as a natural dye since it darkens your natural color a little bit, so if you’re looking to cover some white hairs, then this natural shampoo is excellent for you.
So what do you need?

Start with 1 cup of water, neutral shampoo and at least 5 tablespoons of coffee grounds.

Now, what does neutral shampoo mean? It’s a shampoo that doesn’t contain a lot of components, usually found in hair shops or salons. You need it to be as neutral as possible so the coffee can do its work.

You should heat the water first, do not boil it. After letting it cool for a bit, throw the coffee in there and mix it well. Grab your neutral shampoo bottle and put the coffee mixture in there. Shake it a lot! Remember that this mixture is enough for one standard bottle of shampoo.

Don’t use the shampoo right after, wait for a couple of hours before using it for the first time.

You should use it like any other regular shampoo, massaging the scalp and making sure you apply it well to your hair. Use a good amount of product.

Then, wait for 5 minutes with the product and rinse. Do this 2-3 times a week for healthier hair.

3. Dark Circles

We already know there are a lot of benefits of coffee for skin, lips, and scalp. But when it comes to dark circles under our eyes, nothing seems to work. No matter how much we sleep, live a healthy lifestyle, and nurture our skin, these circles are still there!

So how to get rid of dark circles using coffee? Glad you asked.

You’ll only need ¼ of a cup with concentrated black coffee, no sugar. 2 potato slices and an open mind!

You’re probably thinking this mixture is crazy, but if you look into the two ingredients, you’ll realize why they’re effective when it comes to battling dark circles.

In the first place, black coffee is known to generate and increase collagen production. In case you didn’t know, collagen is a protein that helps skin structure, not only the skin but also bones, for example.

When it comes to potatoes, they’re high on vitamin D and B6, which are great for the skin.

Before you judge and jump to conclusions, give this a try. You only need to soak the two potato slices in a cup filled with cold black coffee and leave them there for 1 or 2 minutes. Then, let them drain and place these slices over your eyes and let them be for 20 minutes.

We know it’s a long time to have potato in your eyes, but try to use these 20 minutes to meditate or rest a little.

4. Exfoliating Facial Mask

Have you ever heard of a coffee mask?

If you haven’t, then this is about to change your life, or, more specifically, your face.

We already know coffee is a great exfoliant. It removes dead skin cells, promotes collagen production, blood flow, and can also work as an anti-inflammatory product.

So, what do you think a coffee face mask could do to your face? That’s right, a lot of great things, leaving your skin looking flawless.

This mixture is a little bit more complicated since you’ll need more ingredients.

You need some ground coffee, around 150g or one cup, 2 tablespoons of honey (50g), 3 tablespoons of olive oil (around 48g), and 1 cup or 200g of brown sugar.

The preparation is not hard. You have to throw all these ingredients in a bowl and mix it all. It’s a great arm exercise as well since the paste can’t be too thick, which means you’ll have to work for that smooth looking paste.

Then, you should apply a little bit of this paste to your face and neck. Once it’s on your skin, you should massage it a little bit and then let it dry. After it dries, take it off with lukewarm water.

You can store the unused paste in the fridge as long it’s in a closed container.

You should do this skincare routine at least once a week, but you’ll see the results right after the first week.

5. Body Scrub

If you suffer from bad circulation or have cellulite, then this might be one of the best uses of coffee for you!

It’s discouraging when you’re trying to get results by going to the gym and eating healthy and then not seeing any difference in your body. However, when using this special body scrub, you’ll see the results immediately.

This scrub won’t make you lose weight or gain muscle, but it will make your body appear smoother and reduce those cellulite bumps.

So, how to make coffee body scrub?

Start with five teaspoons of coffee grounds and mix them with three teaspoons of wheat germ oil until you have a thick paste.

Then, hop in the shower and wet your body or problematic area with lukewarm water, so your pores open up. Then, apply this mixture to your legs, arms, or other areas and let it be for 30 minutes. If you have a plastic wrap in your house, make sure you wrap it around your body after applying the paste to have better results.

Then, after 30 minutes, remove the plastic and do a circular motion massage for 5 minutes.

You can do this once or twice a week, results are visible after the first try.

Now that you’re aware of all these outstanding beauty uses for coffee, make sure you re-think all the expensive creams and cosmetics that you usually buy and compare the results to these home-made coffee-based products. You’ll be spending less money and getting results!

So say goodbye to those dead skin cells and welcome your new glowing, nourished body.



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