What You Should do if You Want to End Your Life

Ask for help, ask for help, if you do so I assure you you will find the best solution for yourself, You have plenty of time for killing yourself do not rush!! Life is beautiful!!

Let it go !!! do not take life so hard did you lose your job sorry to hell !!! you will find other job .you have lost your house, nobody has died with one week sleeping in street!!! You did not pass the exam no problem lots of millionaires even can not read and write. Did you get serious illness no problem still there is hope and solution?

You think life does not make sense if it was so, you would not be born !!

So just try to lose yourself and leave it to the expert to take care of you after few days you feel that you were wrong after being under observation and treatment. Just clean your home from hazardous substance, dangerous medicine, gun, acid, petrol so on. Do not live alone stay with someone else, start to quit drug, alcohol, and smoking.

Do not forget to ask your doctor along with antidepressant give you some antipsychotic medications as well because lots of depressed people after recei=ving medicine killing themselves because now have the energy to do so, so it’s very critical time 2-4 weeks after receiving antidepressant medicine for depressed people and its possible to commit suicide.

Worst way of suicide is the way making trouble for others like driving dangerously or burning himself or killing others and best one if there is no way to ignore it is to go for centres in some country that do euthanasia like in Austria or some state in united state or joining red crescent or red cross to die in conflict area for holy goal. Never join the terrorist group for this reason otherwise better to kill yourself with rope.

Never take acid or alkaline for this purpose just you will make the condition worse for your self and family it’s the worst way to get rid of yourself. Think, think, think and find the reason that you are still alive, same reason will give you motivity to stay alive!!



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