Life is full of accidents and disease that each one of them can take one or few parts of your body, but the most important thing is to accept it and transfer the energy of that part to others.

It has proven that by losing one part others parts will be stronger as we can see in blind people that sense of touch or hearing will be multiple time stronger so just take advantage of this and use it.

There are lots of classes that help people how to deal with new condition just take it and make your self-stronger., nothing is stronger that person that really want to do something.

Join the group with the similar problem it really helps you.come to the new world, with people with similar problem. There are lots of hearing aids and technology that helps disabled people to be like others now computer and technology have made everything much easier so no worry about it.

I assure you in next 20 years if you lose 80% of your body except for your brain! You can live like normal people so don’t be hopeless.

Try to participate in sport and take part in disable people competition and try to win it will give you amazing power and make you much happier than healthy people that can not win the award in any competition.

Concentrate on an area that you can do! I know one person that was poor guy and was clerk in accident he lost his both feet and the employer fired him, he sat in the house and just wrote the book ,you know what happened he become rich because lots of people were buying his book and he earned 10 times, more of his salary in the previous job.

Think what you can do, not what you cannot do. Think what else you can do, not what you could do before.say thanks to God that still you have lots of things that you can do.



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