How to Have Healthy Ear, Nose, Mouth, and Teeth

Avoid smelling of offensive odor like acid, cleansing agents, very hot air, as all can destroy olfactory sensors on top of your nose and reduce your sense of smelling perfumes.
Avoid cleaning ears with cotton buds as it pushes waxes more inside, just clean it with tissue and your small finger after taking shower.

Do not use laser for removing hair from ear canal as it can damage membrane of canal. Avoid very loud noise and whenever using headset be careful of volume, also in night club avoid staying near speakers.

If by accident one insect entered your ear canal immediately lie down and pour cold cooking oil but it is better to use olive oil in your ear, and after that go to a doctor to remove dead insect.

When flying by plane use chewing gum at the time of takeoff or landing to avoid pressure on ear also give the pacifier to your newborn to use to keep open Eustachian tube and balance ear pressure in both side otherwise you should listen to him, screaming from pain.!

At the diving time listen to the advice of your coach to avoid ear drum tearing with high pressure of water.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco as both can increase the risk of oral cancer. Everyday morning and night brush your teeth with appropriate tooth brush and tooth paste or gel, at night it’s better also to use tooth tape.

Evey year at least visit dentist even you do not feel pain. Take your child to the dentist as regular basis once a year. If you have recurrent mouth ulcer visit doctor as it can be the sign of serious systemic disease, like HIV , immunodeficiency, leukemia, and more.

Check you vitamin d level and be sure that you are taking enough calcium in your meal or as supplements, also zinc deficiency can cause the problem in the mouth as well.

For bad smell of mouth or halitosis you should see the first dentist if everything is ok, after that you need to see gastroenterologist for checking for reflux, diverticula in esophagus, and maldigestion of food,and finally if problem still exists it can be related to your sinus, nasal mucosal discharge or particles of food in backside of nose, that with cleansing of it bad smell will go.

Using water with very high fluoride level can cause permanent discoloration of teeth, also another heavy mineral and metals in nonproper purified tap water. Sometimes smelling bad odor without existing source can be the sign of mental disorder, epilepsy, brain tumor, using drug so just seek medical advice.

Do not take hot liquid tea, coffee when it’s so hot as it can cause oral and esophagus cancer, also pipe and chewing tobacco increase the chance.

When you have ear pain or eye irritation do not just buy medicine as in a majority of cases you will get wrong medicine so always visit your doctor.



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