How to Have Healthy Driving and Avoid the Accident

After cancer, and cardiovascular disease accident on the road is one of the most reason that people die or go to the hospital, so it’s so vital that you be careful about it by following this advice.

never drive when you are drunk , never drink alcohol by 3 hours before driving.
you should pay 80% of your attention to other people driving not you!! You know why? because you should leave your driving that should be perfect to your subconscious, and never think about it consciously and just see another car, they are approaching toward you very fast? Have they stopped in front of you? you need to more watch out for others as you can see the majority of drivers that driving nicely involve very bad accident !! do you know why?? Because just they concentrate on their own driving not seeing others behavior.

always keep some canned food and drink long expiry, first aid kit, extra mobile even very cheap one with the car charger, torch, knife, and blanket in your car box if you are usually traveling out of the town.

keep takes your car for service and does not ignore it till your car stop, always prevention is better than treatment.

majority of time we have seen that driver when talking with passengers turn back or side and talk this is totally wrong because lots of accidents have happened for this it’s better to do not does not drive but if you want to talk never ever turn your head, if your girl or boyfriend is upset that why you do not watch her or him just drop her or him off, I is much better than drop his or her body on the road after accident !!

fasten your seatbelt always should be used even there is no police even for passengers on the back. do not fill your petrol tank in the summer time at the full level always make it 90% full maximum. keep one hammer under the chair in case of the accident you can use it to break windows and come out of the car.

Keep the fire extinguisher in the car and time to time check it as by time passes it will get empty. keep check tire pressure and do not inflate it more than that should be and in summer always you should inflate less than winter.

do not go zigzag, and please choose another way for suicide than killing other people. Do not let your small kids or dog be on your lap when driving just because you like them or you are alone.

Do not drive when you are tired, or you have not slept the night before, or you have taken some medicine that causes drowsiness like the antihistamine, antidepressant, cough syrup, so on. you should not drive continuously more than 2 hours just pull over the car and come out and refresh yourself for 10-15 minutes then continue.

never call or receive the call if you do not have Bluetooth, also never take the call when you are getting petrol at the gas station. you should not drink hot liquid when you are driving, cold one, if you can finish it within few second, is fine.

never ever leave kids even for few second in the car that engine is on, never ever cover the car, because lots of kids have died when the parents covered the car and forgot to take a sleeping child from the backside.

if you killed or injured one person in an accident never run away finally you will be caught but your punishment will be much more, and if injured person die you will be a murderer.

keep enough distance with front driver for every 20kph speed equal length of one car. avoid heavy truck as much as you can, overtake them and be far from them, usually or they are drunk, or tired, or have a limited view from the road around them. avoid fight with another driver after the accident we have seen multiple dead people that they have died after fighting with other drivers in the small accident!!

always check your eye sight, do not limit it to every 5-10 years authority it’s for your safety. use your glass if you should use it, clean your glass and use that type to protect your eye from UV rays.

turn off an engine when getting petrol in a station, never smoke over there even at night never answer mobile.

whenever you do not have good view it means danger so never take a risk and just drive when you can not see the road, in foggy weather just slow down and use fog light, no need to use hazard as it’s misleading for back drivers when you want to turn right or left.

your hands when you are driving should be totally straight do not bring your self near to steering wheel because if airbag deflates you will get the serious injury in chest and head and neck. And do not activate airbag for a passenger if its child.

never fight with your spouse or friend in the car, let arrive home after that start!!!!
donot drive fast when you are hungry or full of food as in both condition you can not concentrate, we have seen a lot of accident just before breakfast when Muslims rushing to home to break their fast part of their culture.

always when the accident is not avoidable from the front just cover your eyes with your elbow. after accident tries to as soon as you can come out of the car because may be car will explode for petrol that has poured to the ground.

always try to listen to light music, do not increase the volume the DVD player is such way that you cannot hear other driver sound or strange sound coming from an engine.
be sure your sugar level is normal if you feel sweating a lot or feeling hot as both can be the sign of low or high blood sugar.



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