7 good reasons not to wear flip flops


Last Updated on December 6, 2020

When summer arrives and the temperatures start to rise, it’s time to start wearing again all the fresh and light clothes that were at the very back of your wardrobe. That includes t-shirts, shorts, and… footwear. Everybody can agree that wearing boots or derby shoes in hot weather is extremely uncomfortable. Feet get instantly warm and sweat very easily. That’s why breathable sneakers and sandals are so appealing to wear during the summer season. In this regard, flip flops are one of the most popular choices. They are lightweight and allow the whole foot to breathe and stay fresh the entire day. However, you should know that most podiatrists advise against using this type of footwear for extended periods. Sure, you can wear them to go to the beach or the pool. And you definitely should wear them when taking a shower in a public space such as the gym. But wearing flip flops all day is probably not a great idea.

1. You may get a fine

Many countries around the world have banned the use of flip flops while driving. So, if you commit this misdemeanor, you risk getting a fine for careless driving that can go up to £5,000, nine driving points, and a road ban in the United Kingdom. Or worse, you might cause a car accident! This legislation exists precisely because flip flops drastically increase the risk of car accidents – they can easily break or get stuck, making it difficult to maneuver your feet. Podiatrist-recommended slippers such as clogs or classic sandals provide much more comfort for your feet, and they are also clearly safer to drive with.

2. You may sprain your ankle

The specific design of flip flops makes them prone to falls, stubbed toes, and twisted ankles. It can happen in different ways: you can trip, or someone can step on them, for example. You probably already realize that flip flops make you clumsy, which, combined with the fact that they don’t offer enough support, can cause this type of ankle injury. [ads shortcode=”td_responsive”]

3. You may get hurt

Like we have mentioned earlier, flip flops leave your feet completely exposed. On the one hand, this is one of the main reasons why they are so comfortable during the summer. It allows your feet to breathe and ventilate properly. But, on the other hand, this also means that your feet are extremely vulnerable to injuries caused by falling objects, for example. Furthermore, the base of most flip-flops is not exactly made from the sturdiest materials in the world – and it also wears down pretty quickly. So, sharp objects such as nails, glass, and pieces of wood may poke through the sole and cause serious damage. If that happens, you should know how to remove a splinter: If part of the splinter is outside your skin, you should be able to remove it with tweezers. It might hurt a little, but it can be easily done. Just remember to wash your hands and disinfect the tweezers properly. After all, this is an open wound that can get infected. If the splinter is inside your skin, you will need to use a needle to pull the skin apart to gain access to the splinter. Once you’ve done it, use the tweezers to pull it out. After removing the splinter, wash the wound with warm water and soap, and cover it with a bandage.


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