7 Foods You Need to Stop Reheating in the Microwave


Last Updated on April 3, 2021

Today, almost all modern or traditional kitchens have a microwave, all thanks to Percy Spencer’s ultra-fast heating invention in 1945. A microwave is an indispensable appliance that greatly facilitates people’s lives, namely those who want to eat something hot and immediate and those who “only have 5 minutes to cook”. However, not all food should be reheated in the microwave – do you remember those tiny explosions (like popcorn popping out) when you are reheating your lunch? Well, that is a sign that the microwave is not liking the food that is heating up. Check out the 7 foods you should never reheat in a microwave to avoid food poisoning and protect your health.

7. Boiled Eggs – A Small Homemade Bomb!

Have you tried putting hard-boiled eggs in the microwave? If so, and if you let them heat up for a long time, you must remember perfectly the noise of the explosion of that same boiled egg as well as the final appearance of the interior of your microwave – full of pieces of boiled egg everywhere. If nothing happened, be even more careful because the boiled egg may explode on the plate or, even worse, in your mouth. This is because the moisture inside the microwave creates a high accumulation of steam – just like pressure cookers, which leads to an explosion. Also, it should be noted that heating this food in the microwave oven removes most of its nutritional properties. If you have never done this experiment, it is not worth trying, as you risk suffering many very serious injuries.

6. Processed Meat – Accelerates the Development of Coronary Heart Disease

Processed meat usually has chemicals and preservatives to increase their shelf life. And the truth is that by reheating them in the microwave, the radiation from the equipment could promote cholesterol oxidation products’ formation, which accelerates the development of coronary heart disease. It is already known that eating processed meats, including sausages, bacon, chorizo, among other derivatives and red meats, should be avoided as much as possible. But it’s even worse when you heat them in the microwave before consumption.


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