6 Side Effects of wearing Waist Trainers Regularly!


Last Updated on February 12, 2021

Waist trainers or corsets as they used to be called in the past have become really popular and trendy nowadays. They are worn around the midsection to create the illusion of an hourglass figure, shape your waist into a sculpted silhouette, and even help you with weight loss. But do they really work? Are they safe to use? Guess what!! Waist trainers can be effective and help you get that tiny waist of your dreams for a short period of time, but they can also affect your health in the process. So before taking the step to wear them on a regular basis, continue reading to find out what happens to your body when you wear them! Jump in! 1. Waist Trainers Won’t Give You An Hourglass Figure Having a small, sexy, sculpted waist and figure has become women’s biggest obsession nowadays. Everyone wants a tiny waist, but no one is willing to make an effort to make it happen. And apart from all this, most women believe that wearing waist trainers on a daily basis can help them achieve fast results in a short time, which explains why most women opt for waist trainers rather than a slim waist workout at the gym. However, most of us still don’t know that those waist trainers cannot give us an hourglass figure. They indeed make you look sexy when you wear them and make your waist look as perfect as the ones you see in Instagram posts, but the effect is just temporary! You will see some results when wearing it, but once you take it off, your waist changes to its natural shape! So do you still think that waist trainers are worth it? 2. Waist Trainers Won’t Help You Lose Weight Want to lose weight? Then you’d better get up off your lazy a**s and work out! Hear me out: Waist trainers will not help you lose weight. Losing weight requires you to follow a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly. Other than this, you are just wasting your time and energy! You might indeed notice that you’ve lost a bit of weight after wearing a waist trainer for a certain period of time, but that weight is most likely to be water that you have lost through sweating and not body fat. And even in case you’ve lost some fat due to squeezing your stomach with the waist trainer, the results are not really wow or satisfying! Besides, squeezing your stomach with a waist trainer to feel full and eat less is definitely not a healthy way to lose weight!


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