13 Surprising Things That May Affect Your Immune System


Last Updated on November 22, 2020

It is important to have a strong immune system – it’s our body’s first defense to fight off any virus or disease that we might catch, and our assurance that we can heal faster. And even though a strong immune system still doesn’t have the power to protect us from every health problem there is out there, a weak immune system will leave us way more vulnerable to the imminent threats. We compiled a list of things that have a surprising effect on your immune system, so you can take steps towards strengthening it. Keep reading for now!

1. Laughing a lot

Does laughing boost your immune system? Well, yes, it does. The same way negative emotions have power over your nervous system, thus influencing your general health, so do positive emotions. Laughing will help decrease your cortisol levels, and consequently, reduce stress. This effect will extend to an increase in your oxygen intake, lowering your blood pressure, and promoting a stronger immune system.

2. Being optimistic

The way you look at life has power over your body, your mind, and your health. Among the habits that affect your immune system, you should cultivate the art of being optimistic. Optimists have better mental health, but their optimism also has an impact on their physical well-being. Studies have linked this outlook on life to healthier immune systems.

3. Eating cured meats and canned food

If you seek to have a strong immune system, you should pay attention to your dietary habits. Cured meats and canned food have a lot of salt, and that can have a negative impact when it comes to your body’s immune functions. Too much salt in your diet can result in excessive immune response, and it can even suppress your T cells, responsible for regulating the way your body responds to inflammation.

4. Too much exercise

The same way a lack of exercise can harm your immune system, as well as your overall health, over-exercising can have the same effect. Exercising in excess can depress the functionality of your immune system through an increase of Interleukin-6 (IL-6). Practice regular exercise, but don’t push it too far – it is important to find balance.


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