This Is What Happens When Your Drink Orange Juice Everyday!


Last Updated on November 18, 2020

Fresh orange juice is the kind of drink that is enjoyed all over the world – it is easy to make, it is absolutely delicious and it goes well with any breakfast you plan, or with every other meal of the day.

Because oranges are high in vital nutrients, like Vitamin C and potassium, there are a lot of benefits of drinking orange juice. There is no consensual opinion on whether it should be a vital part of a healthy diet though. Nevertheless, here are 5 benefits of orange juice for your health!

1. It is an amazing nutrient source

Orange juice is rich in a series of vitamins and nutrients that can benefit the human body in many different ways. The most well-known vitamin in orange is, of course, vitamin C.

This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that promotes bone regeneration and strengthens the immune system. In addition, orange juice provides many other essential elements for well-being, such as potassium, magnesium and protein, for example.

It also contains folate, also known as vitamin B9, an essential vitamin for the development of the fetus during pregnancy. Last but not least, orange juice is a prime source of mineral potassium, which will benefit your heart health by regulating blood pressure.

2. High in Antioxidants

You need foods that are rich in antioxidants if you want to maintain your general health, and luckily for you, orange juice is rich in this compound. Research has shown that they can protect you against chronic diseases, like cancer or diabetes, for example, and even heart disease.

Antioxidants like flavonoids, carotenoids, and ascorbic acid can be found in orange juice. Research has shown that the consumption of this fruit juice can increase the antioxidant daily status significantly.

3. May Help Prevent Kidney Stones

There is a good chance orange juice can be of help when trying to prevent kidney stones. This condition is quite serious and people who suffer from it will experience severe pain, nausea, and even blood in their urine.

Orange juice has the ability to increase the pH in urine, thus preventing kidney stones. One small study even showed that orange juice can be more effective when it comes to kidney stone prevention than lemonade.

4. It can promote your heart health

Over 17 million people die every year from heart conditions all over the world, so we can say with no doubt that it represents a really serious issue.

Investigators have concluded that orange juice can have quite a positive effect on your cardiovascular health, lowering your high blood pressure, and reducing your levels of cholesterol, which are risk factors for heart disease.

19 studies were reviewed and proved that diastolic blood pressure can be reduced by drinking fruit juice, in particular orange juice – and all these factors contribute to a stronger, healthier heart.

5. Anti-inflammatory properties

When your body is trying to protect you against disease and infection, it is only natural that you will experience acute inflammation. However, over long periods of time, sustaining high levels of inflammation can lead to the development of a chronic disease.

Research suggests that there is a chance orange juice can be used to decrease inflammation, as well as the problems tied to it. One study proved that drinking fresh or commercial orange juice has the power to decrease the markers of inflammation, as it was registered that 22 people from the ones sampled experienced a decrease in markers of inflammation like CRP and IL-6, diminishing the risk of chronic illness.

Bonus: Potential Downsides

Like everything else in life, orange juice has a good side and a bad side, so we leave you a list of potential downsides.

Orange juice is high in sugar and calories, especially the commercial type, which will contribute to increased blood sugar levels.
It is not rich in fiber, which means it will make you feel less full, leading to weight gain

Regular consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, like commercial orange juice, can lead to type 2 diabetes

Be aware of how many ounces of orange juice should you drink, and opt for freshly squeezed juice, to make the most of the health benefits you can get from it – quantity and quality control can make a difference

For children, the recommended limit is no more than 4 ounces (118ml) daily if your child is aged between 1 and 3. The dose goes up to 6 ounces (177ml) for children who are aged 4 to 6, and 8 ounces (240ml) for the ones aged 7 to 18.



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