This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Rice Every Day!


Last Updated on October 5, 2020

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Is it healthy to eat rice every day? Yes! Why shouldn’t it be? As long as you eat a decent daily amount you can eat a little bit of everything without having consequences on your health.

This food item can do wonders for you! It has been misjudged a lot by society for a long time, making up this idea in our heads that rice is unhealthy and makes us fat, therefore it should definitely not be on our shopping list when starting a diet.

However there are many positive aspects of rice, it’s full of vitamins and minerals. And to find out more, here’s a list of the most important benefits of rice and what it can do to your body when you eat it on a daily basis!

#1 – It Gives You Energy

Rice is super rich in carbohydrates, which works as a fuel to your body and does exactly as what gasoline does to a car!

I’m not saying you should trade coffee for rice, but it does help your brain functioning and it gives you the energy to keep going through the day (and it’s not addictive unlike coffee).

#2 – Lowers Bad Cholesterol

You probably heard that rice is a source of cholesterol. That’s actually a myth. Rice doesn’t contain fats, therefore it’s not a source of cholesterol.
Rice actually helps control body weight.

If you’re wondering what type of rice is the healthiest it would be basmati rice. Normally served in Indian or other south Asian restaurants. If you don’t like it, simply stick with normal brown rice, it can help you with weight loss and make you a healthier person.

#3 – Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

When it comes to metabolic syndrome, there seems to be no association with rice itself (even though white rice, in particular, can increase our blood sugar level). Rice actually lowers the possibilities of you having heart diseases. Why?

Because of its sodium contents, which actually helps regulate blood pressure. If you suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure, try to incorporate rice into your diet.

Note: Metabolic syndrome is a collection of certain conditions such as high blood pressure and blood sugar, excess body fat and atypical cholesterol, which can potentially lead to increased diabetes risk, heart diseases, and strokes.

If you see yourself described here, eating rice is probably not the best option, you should see your doctor and make him give you a personalized diet plan for your own body and health problems to beat.

#4 – It’s Good For Your Skin

If you suffer from skin problems like acne, or dry skin, or even if you don’t have any skin problem but you’re interested in “homemade” remedies, just know that rice is actually very big in the beauty industry, especially in Korea.

Rice actually contains antioxidants that can help you with skin irritation and prevent further damage to your skin. A couple of good rice masks and you’ll feel like a baby.

#5 – Helps Your Mind And Heart

Brown rice or wild rice is always a better choice when it comes to improving your health. It’s very rich in vitamin D and contains many nutrients that boost your immune system.

It’s also good for your mind cause it prevents Alzheimer’s disease. Especially if you eat rice every day it encourages “neurotransmitters” ( body molecules used to communicate between neurons or to muscles) to grow and function making you feel happier instantly for no apparent reason.

Basically, rice helps improve heart health, but also your mind, happiness, and overall body.

#6 – Prevents Cancer

Did you know rice is rich in soluble fibers that act as a shield and protect our bodies by preventing cancer? The type of rice that’s advised for this situation is brown rice because it has way more nutrients and benefits for our body.

Other foods that prevent cancer: broccoli, beans, carrots, berries nuts, tomatoes and so on. If you’re wondering what are some of the cancerous foods to avoid you should stay away from processed meat, eggs, dairy products, etc.

Just know there’s nothing wrong eating these things, at the end of the day cancer and other diseases can come in many different ways for many different reasons.
You can eat a bit of everything as long as you maintain a healthy balanced diet.

If you made your way down this article you might be wondering what are the disadvantages of eating rice after all? Let me tell you, they really don’t exist. However, you can’t eat only rice on your diet but you also can’t do a diet based on it.

There’s a diet called the “rice diet” which implies only eating rice. Even though, rice as an important nutrient that we should acquire from time to time, or even every day in the right portions. There are no consequences as long as you eat a normal amount and focus on brown rice instead of white.



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