Top 10 Anti-Freezer Foods You Need to Know


Top 10 Anti-Freezer Foods You Need to Know© live safe
You could be keeping the wrong food in the refrigerator, but you’re not alone, as misconceptions about storing food are widely common. In fact, the refrigerator and the microwave are two famous places for witnessing food mistakes all over the world. The result is unpleasing moldy flavorless food-like stuff and kitchen explosions!

But you need to know that the freezer is also somewhat misunderstood by a large number of people, making it another source of common kitchen mistakes. Of course, you can freeze almost anything (and you could help reduce food waste by freezing more).

But certain things just don’t belong in the freezer! You’ll even hardly recognize them once they’ve been frozen and thawed, as they don’t hold up after being defrosted.

In other words, don’t just freeze whatever you want
especially these 10 things!




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