This is a List of the Things You Think You Can Recycle but You Can’t


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Recycling is a godsend for the human race to reconsider their choices and save the environment. Recycling centers are all over the world, yet the planet still lacks such facilities.

More importantly, many part of the world have not awakened yet to the necessity of putting dedicated recycling bins which people can use to discard any item that can be recycled and used again.

Moreover, many of the packaging material that is out there these days holds a recycle symbol but end up in dumps and don’t get recycled at all. However, our article for today is not about such products; it is about the things that people think they can recycle but actually cannot.

Keep reading, therefore, to know about these things, which are 10 in total, and tell your friends about them so as they know as well!

1. Certain Takeout Containers

Not all takeout containers can be recycled, especially if they hold stains of leftover food and grease. You will contaminate the other material that is about to be recycled as well.

Make sure that you scrub the takeout containers thoroughly before you toss them inside that recycling bin. Plastic takeout containers are especially easy to clean; so don’t be lazy and do it. That is more efficient and more productive as well.

2. Plastic Bottle Caps

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The bottles themselves are okay and can probably be recycled; the bottle caps of the bottle, however, are not likely to be recycled. The reason behind this is the fact that plastic bottle caps are made of a type of plastic that cannot be recycled.

Therefore, you need to remove the bottle caps before sending the bottles to be recycled. Also, make sure that you crush the bottles before you do so.

3. Some Paper Products

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Recycling paper is not always a possibility. There are certain types of paper that recycling them would be too costly to be efficient. For example, paper towels, tissues, and napkins are considered too contaminated to be recycled at all.

Cardboard recycling, moreover, is not always possible. For example, boxes that are used to freeze food have an extra layer of coating that the recycling process cannot break.

4. Plastic Grocery Bags


Plastic bags are a very tricky material to recycle; therefore, they are not recycled at all! If your plastic bag does not show a recycle sign, then it cannot be recycled and you’re better off not using it.

Try using cloth grocery bags, instead, when you go grocery shopping, since plastic bag recycling is such an unattainable thing. We do hope that scientists come up with a comprehensive plastic recycling system. We wish them good luck!

5. Wire Hangers


Can wire hangers be recycled?—Well, not exactly! Recycling wire hangers remains an impossible feat on many recycling facilities because the just cannot deal with wires.

If you put wire hangers in the recycling bin, whether knowingly or unknowingly, they will go through the sorting stage and it is discarded along with the 30 percent of recycling material that should not have made it there in the first place.

6. Ceramics

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Ceramic is a material that cannot be recycled, so you can say goodbye to that lofty dream, assuming you have such a dream. If you accidentally drop your ceramic mug or plate, then just put it away in the trash can.

Never put it in the recycling bin as all recycling facilities will not and cannot accept them. But it would not hurt if you called the recycling facility near you and ask them about it. They might have some use for your broken ceramic.

7. Some Types of Glass


As with the many types of material featured in this list, recycling glass is not always a possibility. Glass items, such as light bulbs, Pyrex baking dishes, and mirrors cannot be recycled. Also, refrain from tossing broken glass into the recycling bin.

You will end up injuring the workers who are responsible for sorting through all the material that arrives at the facility. To stay on the safe side, call your local facility and ask them whether they accept broken glass.

8. Styrofoam


Is Styrofoam recyclable?—The simple answer to this short question is an absolute and utter NO! The detailed answer goes something like this: Styrofoam products, such as Styrofoam cups, cannot be recycled because the material in itself is not biodegradable.

Therefore, we recommend that you limit your use of Styrofoam products (coffee cups, food containers, and packing peanuts) to the bare minimum. You will be doing recycling facilities and the environment an immense good!

9. Shredded Paper


Don’t put shredded paper in the recycling bin; however, do not throw it away altogether as it can be used as mulch to back your things with. Regular paper is easy to recycle because it is easy to sort through.

Shredded paper, on the other hand, is very hard to sort through, which makes recycling facilities decline it when it arrives. Save them the headache, and use shredded paper for your packing purposes.

10. Colored Paper


Colored paper is great to look at and use but it is not so great to recycle. The reason that makes colored paper impossible to recycle is the fact that it is heavily dyed.

This means that it is contaminated and the process of separating the color from the actual paper is too costly, which makes recycling facilities refrain from accepting colored paper.

Therefore, if you have some colored paper bags that are lying around and you thought that you could put them in the recycling bin, think again.

We should draw your attention to the fact that this list is not an inclusive one. It is merely representative of the many things that cannot be recycled. Anyway, read through the article again, take some mental notes of all these things, and share the article with your friends and family.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below about the one thing that you thought could be recycled but turned out that it cannot.



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