Everybody knows that the most important organ in the body is the brain that works as ruler of a body and we should take care of it in the best way for having the well functional brain I advise you to:

Take more of such food ,avocado, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, berries family, specially blueberries ,celery , bone broth , sesame, oil ,coconut oil , flaxseed oil or seeds ,dark chocolate, egg yolks green leafy vegetables, rosemary ,salmon ,turmeric, walnuts, olive oil, dandelion greens ,asparagus, kale, jicama, almond spinach, whole grain, beans, camel milk.

Studying every day even 3-5 page of your favorite book , Regular exercise and Controlling your blood pressure, fat level of blood, sugar level, and being sure that your kidney and liver working at good level. Avoid smoking, even we here that red wine can help brain function but I do not recommend it for this purpose.

Yoga,tai chi, swimming, take a walk also can help you, meditation, do not stay alone try to at least have twice per week chat with friends and have fun and joking, etc as laughing has to key for having healthy brain . As much as you can avoid, sugar substitute, gluten, refined sugar, monosodium glutamate MSG.

Sleeping on time, the best time is 11 pm to 7 pm along with 20-30 minutes before lunch. Avoid noise at the sleeping time, do not take your mobile to the bed, do not watch tv on the bed, do not talk about a problem with your partner in the bed, sleep hygiene is the key of a healthy brain.

Weight management is so important, being over weight can cause obstruction in your upper airway at sleep and can cause sleep apnea that will reduce brain function and can precipitate the stroke.

Unless your job is to work with the computer do not use it for more than 4 hours per day or continuous 1 hour all of these can increase the risk of a migraine, tension headache, and put you in trouble .

Try to check your eyesight every few years as refractory problems in long term will be needed to a headache and put pressure on your brain , and Take care of your neck because neck pain and disc herniation of cervical spine can compromise brain circulation in long term and cause problems for you.

Drink more water at least 2 lit per day as long as you do not have kidney failure. Do not try to do and finish the so many things in one time or study lots of different material at one time as it can be ended to forgetfulness and reducing brain function, try to organize your plans and study and work issues.

Travel time to time as much as you can, changing location can be helpful to elevating brain function as facing the variety of situation.

Avoid stimulating the brain with the drug to thinks faster, sharper or better all of these things in the long term even short term will damage your brain function and structure. Taking shower every night with warm water and at the end, with the little bit, cold water can have the dramatic effect on your brain function.

Praying to whatever you believe can increase your mental health and the reason is you can rely on the higher power and feel the peace of mind from inside that it is exactly what you need. Be the volunteer and as much as you can be generous and helping people as it can increase self-esteem and well-being sensation.



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