How to Have Healthy Muscle, Bone and Joint?

This should be started from delivery time and mother should know that enough vitamin d should be given to newborn also keep monitor child growth and way of movement, walking, or crawling.

Food like milk, cheese, dairy products, soya beans, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed oil, fatty fish, salmon, sardine, whey, cherries, broccoli, green tea, citrus fruit, whole grain bread, garlic, cinnamon, natural honey, eggplant, can help a lot.

Being exposed to the sun for 10-15 minutes every day will be great to receive enough vitamin that is essential for healthy bone joint. Weight management is so important for having healthy bone and joint fitness is essential, being under weight and overweight all are not recommended.

Stop alcohol and smoking as both of them has the negative effect on your bone structures.
Regular exercise especially weight bearing has the direct effect on prevention of osteoporosis at any age.

Kids at age 8-10 as it’s the time of growth spurt are vulnerable to vitamins and mineral deficiency so always monitor them especially for iron, vitamin d level ,also pregnant women,middle age people living in country with light sunshine like Sweden or more sunshine like UAE that usually using tinted car or sunscreen so really they need supplements.

Do not lift very heavy objects that are difficult for you, when lifting something do not bend from your low back just a little bit and after lift items. carry the heavy object with both hands, do not put pressure on one side only.

If you carrying trace on your hand or any heavy object keep it near your body as if you carry it more than 15 cm far from your body its weight will be multiple time more and put pressure on your spine.

When you are sleeping do not sleep on your tummy, sleep on back and put the small pillow under your both knees or sleep on one side and put the pillow between both knees. Always fill the curvature of your neck when you are sleeping your head should not be flex to right or left side. You can use magnet pillow if you have light neck pain.

Do not increase the slope of treadmill more than 5 degrees as it can cause the problem for your knees.

Do not exercise when you are tired or exhausted .donot exercise if you are not professional athlete more than 45 minutes light exercise 3 time a week or 20 minutes heavy exercise.
Time to check for osteoporosis is age 65 for female and 70 for the male.

At school time ,be careful of your kids ,as lots of schools forcing kids to carry school bag full of books so it’s better to be at the wheel or they should keep their book at school and do not bring it home very often, otherwise kids will get back pain very soon, much earlier than we can imagine.

Pay attention to the sclera in the eyes of the family member there is the congenital defect in collagen that shows itself with blue sclera just if you observed consult your doctor.



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