How to have the healthy lung

It’s obvious that we need to avoid active smoking like using the cigarette or hubble-bubble or passive smoking staying in the location that others smoking. Avoid going out when there is the sand storm, weather condition is so bad and polluted.

Breathing deeply for 3 times per day for 3 minutes deep breath and after that full exhale with speed of 4 seconds inhale,2-second hold and 4 seconds full exhale, and try to take more cantaloupe, kale, blueberries, apple, broccoli, ginger, flaxseed, pumpkin, garlic, carrots, plantain leaf, pistachios, cayenne pepper, pomegranate, onion, grape fruit, black beans.

When you use some medicine like amiodarone for heart,antibiotic like nitrofurantoin and sulfa drug for example for urinary tract infection , or chemotherapy for cancer like bleomycin, cyclophosphamide, and methotrexate ,methysergide , or procainamide,penicillamine for heart and liver diseases you should be aware that they can cause problem for long and you should be careful.

Asbest in the automobile industry or air pollution also silica in the industrial air also can cause a problem for you, and avoid processed food or in a can and go more for organic food .avoid fast food, take more water and fruits and vegetables.

Do yoga, learn breathing technic, aromatherapy with rosemary, lavender, mullein,
Chrysanthemum combined with honeysuckle, aloe vera, can help a lot avoid mold at home always try to leave in houses that have good ventilation, and receive light from the sun.

When you have got chest infection be sure that you have received full treatment do not leave it in the middle of treatment, and If you have asthma you need to avoid cat or dog hair as much as you can, strong smell, smog, painting smell, dust mites, pollens, mold, cockroaches tender.

Be careful of some medicine like beta blockers, Inderal, aspirin, aceinhibitors for blood pressure like captopril, also painkiller like broken, naproxen in Nsaid group of medicine.

Take your medicine as regular basis if you get attack of asthma time to time it means that you need adjustment of medicine do not continue rescue medicine like Ventolin as maintenance treatment consult your doctor.

If you have hypertension always try to control your blood pressure because long term uncontrolled blood pressure can damage your lung, also try to control your sugar if you are diabetic. In case you have heart valvular issue try to fix it and be under observation of doctor because blood can return to lung and increase the lung pressure and damage it.

Do not try to suppress coughing reflex very fast as it’s for protecting you from an accumulation of sputum if you suppress it can cause pneumonia as expelling reflex of your body not working anymore to clean your lungs.

Do not stay in your house garage more than 1 minutes as it can cause damage to the lung by gas is that coming from your car.

Do not inhale dry and hot air as it can damage your lungs, in the case of fire just keep the piece of cloth that already has been soaked in water to avoid inhaling of smog and hots gases. Avoid buying a house near the industrial area of the city or renting it.

If you have the child at home do not think that not smoking at home is enough to keep your kids healthy you should take shower and change your clothes before hugging your child in order to do not harm him or her.

One humble bubble is like 1-2 pack of a cigarette so be careful also the tobacco that has fruits small has multiple time more dangerous from the simple one.



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