ow to Have Healthy Activity at Home, Work, Gym and Avoid the Accident and Manage the Eemergency

Always be careful of slippery area its so important because lots of fall injury is due to water on the ground kitchen and bath also when you are coming out of tube always hold handle on the bathroom because lots of accident happening when coming out of tube one foot inside another one outside and you fall on your groin area.

Do not keep caustic agents in reach of small kids and in the bottle similar to bottle for drinking water is so dangerous and disaster for the child to drink acid or alkaline instead of water.

When using ladder ask somebody to hold its base. If one person working on the roof should not be alone always you need to keep your eye on it as there is the risk of fall. Whenever you want to insert the plug into the socket always turn off its key and after that turn it on, never touch plug with the wet hand.

Never clean microwave when it’s connected to the electricity always disconnect it even its turned off, and Never try to take something in the bath when your eye already closed because your face is covered by foam because you can not see and we have seen multiple eye injury when person bending to lift some object he will get my injury by hitting the sharp object.

Never leave the iron in the room after finishing ironing as another person can come and hit to iron accidentally. Always keep water on the table as if you swallowed compact dry food you can use it to soothe swallowing sometimes we do not have water handy and it can cause the problem.

At the gym when you feel that really you are exhausted never push yourself as your body alarming you just wait for a while. Do not take cold or ice water at the gym and taking food as it can cause fatty liver and is not good for your heart.

Do not keep mobile charger or laptop on the mattress or pillow as there is the chance of fire. Do not talk with mobile when it’s connected to a charger for charging as there is the chance to be exploded.

When you sit in front of a computer be sure it has the shield and you should look at to the monitor when your face is in the extended position 45 degrees above the horizon your hand at the level of your umbilicus and middle of the monitor at the level of your nose.

Never ever throw cold water just for fun on the person at sleep lots of people become mad or got the heart attack or stroke with this silly action or become dumb.

When using hammer always use glass for protection. When you are using the drill or something with very annoying sound always use the ear plug.

If your kids playing outside and out of the sudden group of bees attacked their face what you will do? the best thing is to take the bucket of water and dish washing liquid, or liquid soap and bit it to see foam and pour on their head and face all bees will be choked and pouring down from your kid’s face.

In case of seizure keep the person on one side to avoid aspirate the secretion and call your emergency number. in the case of the heart attack do not let patient lie down just ask him to sit open tight clothes and call emergency put some pillow behind him to be relax. in the case of stroke make patient calm call emergency do not give any liquid or medicine even aspirin.

In the case of choking just follow the algorithm that is available do not give anything by oral, and tap on the back if its small child and make him upside down and bend him a little bit or do Heimlich maneuver if it’s more than 7 years old.



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