This Is How Lemon Peel Can Be Of Great Use


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If you are to ask us about the most useful fruit you have in your fridge, we would say it is lemons. You can use this citrus fruit in taking care of the skin, losing weight and cleaning your house.

This will help you save the money you would spend on useless, chemical products and ensure effective results on the top of all. Online health websites publish monthly and yearly heath reports on the benefits of a variety of fruits and veggies for the human body.

It turns out that lemon is one of these nutritional and healthy fruits (bearing in mind limited portions to be consumed). Lemons’ juice and pulp are commonly used in different ways.

Additionally, there are uses of lemon peel as well. The health benefits of lemon peel are highlighted by medical experts. In this article, we will introduce you to extra nutrition facts about the lemon peel. If you add the latter to your nutrition plan, your body will benefit in the following 9 ways.

#1 – The rich nutritional value of lemon peel


Along with lemon juice benefits, there are also lemon peel benefits. But let us highlight first the nutritional value of lemon peel. It must be, however, noted that the consumed portions of lemon peel should be limited in order to avoid any potential side effects.

Lemon peel can be eaten but only in small amounts. However, the nutritional value of these portions is quite undeniable.

Lemon peel is rich in vitamin C (with a daily value of 9%), fiber (1 gram), and respective amounts of magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It is also low in calories which may be justifying its use in weight loss nutrition meal plan.

#2 – Lemon can be supportive of oral hygiene

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The most attractive parts of the human face are the teeth, especially when they are uncovered in a wide, sincere smile. People spend fortunes on checkups and treatments at costly oral health centers.

You don’t have to adhere to their expensive advanced dental care decisions, for you got a cheaper key in your hand: lemon peel.

Thanks to the antibacterial properties of lemon peel, bacteria like Streptococcus mutans would no longer put your oral health at stake. Lemon peel contains a number of compounds which can inhibit the growth of bacteria.


#3 – Lemon peel is rich in antioxidants

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The list of foods high in antioxidants is longer than you think. Lemon peel is believed to be high in anti-oxidants. The antioxidants benefits are basically summarized in the prevention of cellular damage through fighting the body’s free radicals.

If you consume the D-limonene antioxidants, the risk of heart disease and diabetes type 2 will be reduced. You would be surprised to know the fact that lemon peel is pretty active as far as anti-oxidants are concerned more than tangerine and grapefruit peels.

This was proven through a test-tube study. The anti-oxidant that we have just mentioned, D-limonene, contributes to the reduction of oxidative stress as well.

#4 – Lemon peel MAY contain antifungal and antimicrobial properties


It is noteworthy that what you are reading is just a glimpse of the many benefits and uses of lemon peel, and here is another piece of information coming up: lemon peel may contain antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

Some tests unveiled that lemon peel contributes to the reduction of antibiotic-resistant bacteria’s growth. There is also relative proof that sheds light on the capacity of lemon peel to fight drug-resistant fungus.

Despite these valuable pieces of information, more research must be done to provide stronger grounds on the antifungal and antimicrobial properties of lemon peel.

#5 – Lemon peel MAY boost the immune system

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Looking after your body requires balanced and complete nutrition to boost the performance of your immune system. By balanced nutrition plan, we mean the provision of nutritional foods like veggies and fruits.

Speaking of fruits, lemon peel may actually boost your immune system. Thanks to its vitamin C and flavonoid content, lemon peel may be the key answer to how to boost your immune system.

The studies that have been conducted concluded that lemon peel strengthens the immune system’s ability to fight back common cold conditions.


#6 – Lemon peel MAY promote heart health

University of Missouri Health Care

The heart is basically just a muscle in your chest, but it is one of the primal engines of the human body. This muscle can decide your fate. Despite being aware of the risks of heart failure and attacks with their fatal outcomes, people don’t do much to promote their heart health.

Different ways indeed exist to promote the health of the heart. Some studies show that lemon peel may have a say in heart health promotion. Pectin, vitamin C and flavonoids which are found in lemon peel can reduce the risk of heart-related diseases.

The D-limonene has proven in one of the studies that it could lower bad cholesterol levels and blood sugar triglyceride.

#7 – Lemon peel MAY have anticancer properties


The bogyman among all other medical conditions and diseases is cancer. Often, the early cancer diagnosis methods increase the chances of patients’ recovery and survival, but sometimes, there is no escape from death at a late stage.

Experts say that we all can prevent cancer through regulating our eating habits. Some studies unearth a new piece of information which is that lemon peel may have anti-cancer properties.

Flavonoid is said to be linked to the reduction of many cancers’ risk. D-limonene, on the other hand, may have something to do with the reduction of the risk of stomach cancer.

#8 – Lemon peel MAY treat gallstone

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Gallstones are medically defined as the digestive fluid’s hard deposits. The symptoms of this medical condition range from back pain to abdominal pains. The developing gallstones in the gallbladder may be treated with lemon peel.

In fact, the D-limonene, found in lemon peel, is the one which may be behind treating gallstones. A study uncovered that the condition of 48% study subjects improved, and their gallstones disappeared after being injected with D-limonene.

This is still not enough to confirm that lemon peel can dissolve such hard deposits. If you want to know more about how to treat gallstones, keep reading new pieces of research.

#9 – Extra lemon peel uses


It is just to say the uses of lemon peel are not confined to just health. Lemon peel is used to serve purposes around the household and also on your body.

Lemon peel can be used as a deodorizer for your trash can and fridge, an effective all-purpose cleaner and in making good kettle and stainless-steel cleaning solutions.

Moreover, lemon peel can be used as an integral ingredient in skin care recipes. It can, therefore, serve cosmetic purposes by being used in making body scrubs and face masks.

We invite you to read more detailed reports on the benefits and side effects of lemon peel. The above-mentioned information is presented to just guide you for more research. Note also that you SHOULD NOT use lemon peel if you have some sort of special medical condition!




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