8 Things Your Lips Reveal About You And Your Health


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Did you know that your lips can indicate severe health problems you might have going on? Besides being seen as a beauty element, they also can present themselves in different ways depending on your health.

If you’re a healthy person, consuming a nutritious diet and doing regular exercise, your lips will appear moisturized, natural, and pink. But if you don’t have the best lifestyle habits, your lips will suffer from it!

Normally, the lower lip has to do with intestines problems, while the upper one represents the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, thyroid, and stomach.
Having said this, how are your lips feeling? Dry? Discolored? Wrinkly?

Don’t worry! We’re here to help you!

1. Swollen lips

In case you haven’t been punched or hit in your mouth, then a swollen lip could be related to allergies. Normally, whenever you’re allergic to any type of makeup, beauty product, or even food, it can leave your lips super swollen.

If you feel like it could be from a beauty product, the best advice we can give you is to immediately throw that product away since it’s clearly bad for you.

But if you have no idea about what could have provoked such a reaction, then we advise you to call your doctor immediately, especially if you have more symptoms than the swollen lips such as itchiness in your throat or a burning feeling.

2. Dry lips or chapped lips

Licking lips is the last thing you should do if you suffer from dry lips. When doing this, you’re making your lips crack even more. We know! It feels horrible to have chapped lips but rely on your lip balm for superficial hydration and drink plenty of water to help your lips from the inside out.

The combination of lip balm and water is a requirement for fighting dry lips.

If you already drink a lot of water ad still have dry lips, know that it might be associated with climate change or allergies. In that case, we suggest you visit your doctor for him to give you something to combat the allergies.

3. Cracking on the edges

Another consequence of licking your lips is having small cracks on the edges of it. This can also happen if you drool in your sleep. But why does it happen?

Infections grow in warm and wet environments, making the corners of your lips a perfect place for infections to grow in. The best thing to do is avoid licking your lips, and if you drool, opt to wear an orthodontic retainer, which will prevent drooling.

4. Lip discoloration

If you notice a change in your lips’ color, know that it can be a sign of dangerous health issues. From anemia to liver problems, the list is very long.

The first thing you need to learn is what different lip colors mean. For blueish lips, the problems associated with it have to do with liver and smoking.

It can also mean a lack of oxygen, and if this is the problem, you can notice your toes and fingers getting blueish too! Pale lips, on the other hand, are a clear sign of anemia, circulatory problems, low blood sugar, and lack of vitamins.

5. Dark spots on lips

Dark spots aren’t normally dangerous. They can indicate sunspots, vitamin B-12 deficiency, or hyperpigmentation, which can be noticed in not only your lip area but also nose, cheeks, and forehead.
While sunspots can be super painful, there’s no exact cure. You just have to hydrate your skin with soothing creams and your lips with lip balm. And always remember to wear sunscreen and protective balm whenever you’re going out. As for the sunspots, they’ll fade away with time.

6. Bumps

Bumps around your lips are usually classified as herpes, which can be painful but treatable overtime. However, a white bump or white spots on lips are considered to be dangerous. The reason for it is because these type of spots have been related to oral cancer.

These white spots are usually not painful at first, but they may begin to ulcerate or bleed after some time. Avoiding sun exposure, tobacco, and alcohol are efficient ways to prevent oral cancer.

7. Red spots around lips

Another problem for those who can’t help but lick their lips…Red spots, also known as lip lickers dermatitis, present themselves in small red spots of inflammation around the lip area.

Besides it being a consequence of lip licking, it is also one of the symptoms of eczema. So if you have sensitive skin and allergies, you might find yourself with red spots around your lips that might cause itchiness.

Go to the nearest pharmacy and get a hydrating lip balm with an awful taste; this will prevent you from licking your lips while hydrating and healing them.

8. Upper lip wrinkles

Did you know that lip wrinkles can be caused not only from excessive smoking but also stress, anxiety, fear, and other mental problems?

The best way to avoid undesirable wrinkles not only on your lips but also on your full face is to moisturize, hydrate your body, and keep your mind rested.

Practicing calm sports or exercises like yoga or swimming can have a great impact on your mental and physical health! So whenever you feel stressed, think about all the wrinkles you’ll get, you’ll calm down immediately!

Now that you’re aware of what your lips say about your health, it’s time you change your health for the better based on how your lips present themselves.

Know that exercising, a healthy diet, and loads of water are key ingredients, but a lip balm and a peaceful mind also help a lot!

In case of any doubt, don’t be afraid to reach your doctor or call the nearest pharmacy for some advice.



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