8 Surprising Uses For Botox You Need To Know!


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We all know that Botox is widely used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but did you know that it’s derived from one of the deadliest toxins out there? Well, it is, and what’s even more surprising is that Botox seems to have hundreds of uses, besides the medical and cosmetic ones.

Approved about three decades ago, the drug has turned into a staple of cosmetic improvement. However, nowadays, over 50% of its revenue is tracked back to its therapeutic applications for various conditions, from chronic migraines to twitching eyelids.

Generally speaking, Botox is safe to use in tiny doses, which must be administered by a licensed professional, of course, yet, it’s still not totally risk-free.

It has been linked to problematic side effects, such as muscle weakness, vision problems, difficulty swallowing, and trouble breathing, and that’s why the FDA has put the strongest type of warning label on it.

It should be noted that when a new drug gets approved to treat one specific medical condition in the US, doctors can legally prescribe it for any other condition that they think could help treat.

Although this is a common practice among doctors, some experts warn that we need more research regarding how Botox works and its safety for all kinds of health problems.
These are ten of the most intriguing uses for Botox you probably never knew about.

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